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Is there a better way to design a business card template than using PowerPoint or some other Microsoft/Apple software?

I know photoshop or something like that is best, but I don't own something like that.

The printing companies are telling me the resolution is too low on my PDF.

I took a slide from my Main Video for my company and basically turned it into a business card.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You need design/layout software. I use InDesign, which is the modern update of PageMaker.

Powerpoint is the wrong tool. (It's for making slideshow presentations.)
Word is the wrong tool. (It's for typing papers.)

Maybe try Microsoft Publisher, since it's a weenie stripped-down page layout program. Do you have this? It's part of many copies of MS Office, though not all.

iWork "Pages" is a layout tool, too, I believe. (I remember using ClarisWorks, which was then bought by Apple and renamed AppleWorks. That in turn is what ended up being the modern iWork.)

Your source resolution is definitely too low. Video is low, even HD video.

You can submit PDF versions for proof and final submissions. That part of your process was fine, just FYI.

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