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I registered here in 2012 but never got round to using the site. Anyway, here now. There is a lot of useful information on this site; that's for sure.

Would be great if you guys could provide some feedback on our website: https://www.hostxnow.com/
Had excellent feedback at http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1586930

Best regards,


PS I noticed when I reset password it takes ages for the browser to complete the request, same when clicking password reset link from the email and same again when just posting this thread. It seems viewing pages at this forum is fast, but it takes 10 seconds plus to post data to it. I was going to keep this information separate from this thread, but there is no feedback section on this forum, not that I can see anyway.

edit: This post took 25 seconds to post. Hope that helps?
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It's really devoid is graphics and images. That's not a good thing. Noting that clipart and stock images are bad, too.

The WHT feedback is "simple". But I'd warn that "simple" isn't the same as "simplistic" (to a person: simpleton). This was be the latter more than the former. Simple is decent, yet still attractive. Simplistic is too sparse, and things are missing. It does feel like a gutted template, as alluded to by a member there.

I'd also add that fellow hosts are IT, and IT too often fails to understand communication topics: design, UX/CX, true marketing, etc. It's good to get feedback, but be aware of the source. Sometimes asking IT to give feedback like that is akin to asking your mommy if she likes what you did (and she will, of course).

One WHT comment related to how it affected your conversion. That was important. That was talking serious conceptuals for marketing.

I'm not sure what the old site looked like, so no real reference on improvements or steps backward.

PS - The forum posting issue is being addressed as time permits. The workaround is to make your new post, then re-open the forum in a new tab. Your post will be there, as posting is instant. Once you verify is posted, close the old tab. It's the page reload that is lagging. Latency closest to the server (USA) is up to 5s, and latency overseas can be up to 30s. We're also working on a mobile forum theme, and a new main site theme.

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Just seeing if posting is faster now some things have been tweaked.

Edit: Took 3 seconds and so posting is fine now, KP.
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