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01-23-2024, 02:57 AM
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Background :

3 domains --
1 - allstars.com.sg = Woocommerce site -- heavily used with 60GB space (and increasing due to more and more product photos are being added)
2 - alliancestars.com.sg = Emails only so far
3 - favebelle.com - Emails and simple Wordpress, may go into Woocommerce in far future

Other than allstars.com.sg, the other 2 combined space used so far is less than 20GB.

Am also looking to separate allstars.com.sg's emails from the main site, so that in future, Emails will not get affected by downtime from the main site's hosting.

Currently, hosted with A2hosting LIFT 4 VPS Plan (Ending May 2024) -- and 4GB RAM seems not enough for the 3 domains and their live chat nowadays sucks -- very slow... hard to reach out to anyone within minutes -- had to wait close to 2 hours sometimes.

My Own Thoughts after some research : (We require Managed Hosting)

I would have thought, its perhaps ok to use Wordpress/Woocommerce Hosting which is dedicated (not shared) -- for allstars.com.sg -- since we need it to be optimized for speed as well. But so far the webhosts I saw, do not have high WebSpace.... Scalahosting has Dedicated Wordpress hosting, but they do not have Singapore Data centre.

I also asked at Woocommerce community for Singapore in Facebook, and someone mentioned Contabo for more affordable VPS etc.

Any recommendations ?

Thank you.


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