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Hello Good day!, would you be kind to translate this statement into simple step by step english so that I may understand?
Thanks so much in advance ~

Originally Posted by kpmedia
I don't set the DNS up until it's finish.
Prior to that, I alter HOSTS files locally, so that I can connect.
Your basically saying, through local hosting then ftping is faster than changing from real domain?

Originally Posted by kpmedia
I don't know why more people don't do this. Setting up on one domain, and then changing everything later to the "real" domain, is a great big waste of time. Plus a lot of CMS -- especially licensed commercial ones -- can ONLY be setup on the domain it was purchased for.

I've come across web development companies that look at me as if I'm insane. One suggested my method was malware-like? (Some people don't know their a$$ from their elbow, it seems, when it comes to DNS, and that includes the localhost DNS.)
Your saying making site on your computer is not good anymore as to making site online through CMS?
How come too many people are suggesting the opposite? hmmm?

thx again ~

Originally Posted by kpmedia
There often will be, yes.
The days of making sites on your own computer, and transferring via FTP, died with the oncoming era of the CMS.

I haven't been able to make a site like that for years now

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