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12-27-2016, 10:48 PM
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My team is planning to upgrade from a VPS to a dedicated server and we were recommended by a friend and he sent us 3 dedicated server plans from 3 different hosting companies.

1/ http://forumweb.hosting/14028-host-color-us-dedicated-intel-xeon-e3-1230v3-100-mbps-unmetered.html
2/ http://forumweb.hosting/13123-mrrapidhost-ddos-protection-100-uptime-24-7-support-1gbps-dedicated-port-e3-from-50-mo.html
3/ http://forumweb.hosting/13979-49-usd-dual-l5420-(8-cores)-16gb-ram-500gb-hdd-100-mbps-%E2%88%9E-10tb-1gbps-monthly-bandwidth.html
but we don't know which one is better, our budget is $75 / month, I want to use a dedicated server to host 10+ our sites. They are Wordpress blogs with 900 to 1200 visitors/ day

Can any one tell me from the list above, which dedicated server plan is better?

Please advise!
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01-20-2017, 08:16 AM
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Instead of dedicated server it is better to go for a ssd vps which are more stable and reliable for speed.
Kvcwebhost is offering such ssd vps servers with good discount offers.
You can check it on their site.
02-03-2017, 10:02 PM
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This is an odd thread. It almost looks spam, linking to a relatively new hosting site (very WHT-like). But, then again, the links were put into CODE bbcode, so not really linked. I'm curious why you didn't just name the hosts and specs here, as opposed to making me copy/paste links to some others site. Hmm? But I'll give benefit of the doubt. For now.

You wanted advice on HostColor vs. MrRapidHost vs. StackNetwork

To be completely honest, I'd use none of those. I've never even heard of the last two companies, and I'm not all that keen on HostColor.

HC has very mixed reviews on vetted sites like WHT.

The problem here is that many unknown hosts do not have their own hardware, often in shady facilities (Colocrossing, for example). If you're going for dedicated, then it means your content matters. So go for something a bit more reliable -- preferably by a company that owns their hardware, maybe even in their own facility.

You can choose something cheap (and unmanaged) like OVH.

But I prefer something better still for dedicated: LiquidWeb, Limestone Networks, SecureServers/PhoenixNAP, etc.

With only a $75 budget, you should grab a really good VPS. The above (spammy?) suggestion was actually a decent one. KVC Hosting is quality. So are Knownhost, LiquidWeb, MediaTemple and Futurehosting. Even Godaddy is doing pretty good these days, especially with their higher-end plans (enterprise shared, VPS, dedicated).

You will get crap for $75, if shopping dedicated.
But if you're spending $75 on VPS, you'll get caviar!

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