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I was so happy to see their website and the way the presented their services. They have two websites: Premiumtechs.uk and premiumtechs.net. I wish they were as consistent when it comes to providing that service as well. I really needed my website as soon as possible. So when I saw that their delivery time was quicker, I decided to pick them. But I wasted my time as I proceeded to order. THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER USED. The live customer chat is not responsive at all. I tried to contact them several times to enquire but did not get any help. I was waiting for them to confirm or indicate that they had received my request but it has been a month. Nothing!! I got tired of waiting so had to look elsewhere. But I still wasn’t able to cancel the request I placed on their website. THIS COMPANY IS JUST BS!

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I AGREE WITH YOUR WORDS THAT THEY ARE NOT PROFESSIONAL. We are also the sufferers. We decided to get a website of our and searched online and found Premium Technologies. They had some neat stuff on their site. But once I contacted them, I found that their customer service is terrible. They take ages to respond. After one or two replies, they don’t bother. After I got the website design, it looked more like a restaurant website. I was stumped! I gave them references for music related stuff. It was very badly done.

Their service is terrible! Trying to dupe people. I hope they go out of business.

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I run a small bakery from home and I wanted a website for my business. I found www.premiumtechs.uk. They would do the design and web hosting at the same time. They were also willing to do my social media marketing. And their design samples looked great on their website. I was sold. I made payments online and got the design 3 months later. I had to message them several times. I called continuously. They wouldn’t respond. No one could tell me when I would get my website. And 3 months later when they delivered, the work was of the crappiest quality. Rubbish! I was disappointed. Just idiotic! Terrible.

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most of my marketing is done online as i don’t have a physical store. my clothing line has its own website but i wanted more social media marketing and content marketing. after a few websites, i came across www.premiumtechs.net. but they delivered a campaign that was of the lowest quality. it failed to get any promotion. i tried to give them feedback and get it fixed but no response. after they delivered, they don’t even pick up or reply to my calls and messages. i’m stuck with a loss of hundreds of dollars!!! these people are fraud


Admin edit: Your attempt to create multiple accounts to leave shill fake feedback has failed. You're unhappy with them, fine, you've let others know. The end. Do not create fake accounts and spam this site.

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While I have seen several complaints lately, these past few months, across several sites, you appear to be shilling with multiple accounts.

If you're not happy with their performance, choose your next host more wisely.

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