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In the past month, I've had several people ask me how you cancel a Paypal subscription. Many sites, including this one, offer premium memberships. Some of them choose to use one-time payments, while others offer subscriptions.

I purchased the USP a couple of weeks back, and I'm finding that it isn't really what I expected and I don't really use it. I'm not looking for a refund for this year, but I do want to make sure it's cancelled so the payment doesn't recur next year. What do I need to do?
Payment was made through paypal, I asked back then how to cancel reoccurring billing and was told contact my credit card company. I contacted them and was told that I need to contact paypal. When contacting paypal I was informed that there was nothing on there end that they can do to stop the reoccurring billing and I need to contact you. So I ask again how do I cancel reoccurring billing
A Paypal subscription is where a user signs up for a site, and then sets up a recurring payment at Paypal.

The site where you signed up does not control the subscription. The site only controls the membership being active or not. (Even if the site staff disables the site membership manually, the Paypal subscription is not disabled/canceled.)

The credit card does not known anything about subscriptions. They only know that Paypal was paid $x amount on a certain day. They have no idea that another charge is scheduled.

In both cases quoted above, the person who wished to cancel the recurring subscription was given bad information by Paypal. The person at Paypal either misunderstood the request, or he/she is a moron. I would guess the latter.

The procedure for canceling a subscription is listed on Paypal's site. You simply go to the transaction in your history, click on it, and then cancel the subscription. That's it.

Q: How do I cancel a PayPal based subscription?
A: Log into your PayPal control panel.
  • Click on your history tab.
  • Find the subscription in your history and click on it.
  • After the screen redraws, you will be given the option to cancel the subscription or renew it. Select cancel.
  • You may also find it by doing an advanced search using your subscription number.
The same information is also found on the Paypal developer site.

Hope that helps clear things up.

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