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Suppose I own domain.com and I want to create custom nameservers ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com. I know I can do that through most domain registrars, or buy purchasing a DNS add-on with a hosting company (like SiteGround Prviate DNS) but I'm wondering which is the best approach.

Is there any benefit to having your web host provide the custom DNS vs registrar? I ask because SiteGround charges $99/year for Private DNS and a registrar, like DirectNIC, doesn't charge anything.

Thank you
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Do you have your own VPS or dedicated server?
Or just some sites/domains?

Because you really can't "create" a physical DNS/nameserver. Even then, it should be with a minimum of 2 servers. All you can do is alias one. And to be honest, simple aliasing is a poor choice.

CloudFlare is also a DNS. That's a good choice if (for whatever reason) you want to hide the NS. This site uses a paid CloudFlare plan. If you look up our DNS, that's what you'll see -- CloudFlare nameservers.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm on a VeeroTech reseller plan (shared).

The main reason I'd like my own nameservers is for branding. I know not a lot of folks check the nameservers, but I'd feel better knowing they were ns1.myname.mytld and ns2.myname.mytld.
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