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Hi. I recently bought an e-commerce site which had steady traffic for the previous owner. However, ever since the site was migrated to my hosting account I have had no traffic at all. I have Google Analytics installed which is how I know about the traffic. The site is built with PHP 5.0. I have stayed with the same advertising company that was promoting the site for the previous owner, but still no traffic, so I stopped advertising.

Could someone please tell me what the problem could be? I have very little knowledge of how websites work. I believe the person who migrated the site did a bad job. Someone told me the redirects were not ported over to the new host provider properly so i have lost all prior traffic and SEO.

Could it be anything else? If it is a redirects problem is this easily fixed? Thanks.
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Although curious who the host is ... who is the host? ... the hosting (at least right now, at this first stage of troubleshooting) is probably NOT the issue, if what you say is all accurate.

The redirects may very well be the issue.

Hopefully the redirects didn't also involve another domain (which you don't own).

The easiest way to see the requests (therefore getting 404 issues) is to look at the server analytics (not Google Analytics, but in the hosting control panel, hopefully either cPanel or Plesk), as well as using Google Webmaster Tools. See if any non-existent pages are being requested, getting 404 errors.

That's the first step.

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03-05-2018, 02:53 PM
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Hi kpmedia. The site is hosted with Go Daddy. The previous owner was also hosting with them. I bought the domain as well as the website so hopefully that cancels out the domain problem you mentioned. The site has a cPanel so I will get someone to check the redirects and 404 issues. Thanks.
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