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01-24-2004, 12:18 AM
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I am not the little blue elf, I am not magic, and my experience is all real-world. There is not a piece of paper on this planet that can prove I know anything about either video or the Internet.

I am NOT an employee of Victor Company of Japan (JVC), ATI Technologies, Canopus, Adobe, Sony, Sonic Foundry, Sonic Solutions, Womble, Panasonic, Sima, DataVideo, Sharp, Apex, Cyberhome ... or anybody else for that matter. (Self employed at the moment, actually.)

You will see my posts at all times of the day, as I have no set schedule, working as I need to, doing this as I need to. So no, I am not a robot.

Yes, I do have time to actually DO the video I use as a basis for my experience and guides, as I have two complete video computer systems, almost identical in spec, two backup systems for non-video, as well as a two standalone DVD recorders. If I don't answer for a few days, it means I'm either out of town or busy on a video project.

I also post at other forums online as I find time, but it will be less and less as this place develops more.

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