09-01-2021, 10:53 PM
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Update: Not being ghosted after all.


Hi everyone,

I don't know what else to do at this point. I didn't want to make this more public. I have a strong feeling this will be removed and my account will be banned.

I sent lordsmurf $ because I trusted the name, then I was ghosted.

Is there something I did wrong? Is lordsmurf okay? Why does their activity update and new posts made, but no tracking information has been sent to my PMs or my email address?

I'm so confused. I just wanted help acquiring equipment so I can backup tapes....

Thanks for reading,
Someday, 12:01 PM
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09-01-2021, 11:45 PM
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Just sent you a PM, you replied, all is well.
However, I want to reply to this, so that's others can read it...

There are two main reasons:

#1 - I have MS. No, not Microsoft, but multiple sclerosis. My days are short, with less "feel good" hours than most people enjoy. I have to carefully budget my limited time, and usually push myself to do as much as I can. Some days, that means I do very little online, or even nothing online. Why? It's usually because I'm tending to offline tasks, such as prepping hardware for shipment, or actually doing video work. But sometimes it means I'm having a MS fluctuation (best case) or relapse/attack/flare-up (worst case), and may disappear for days (more common) to weeks (thankfully less common).

#2 - This forum gets dozens of threads per day, and multiple dozens of posts daily. And my email and PM boxes fill up daily. But I simply cannot reply to them all, or at least not immediately. In the past few years, anytime I reply to a single forum post (often from my tablet, where I don't read PMs, and it has no email), I'll get multiple PMs and emails asking me to "not forget" to reply to their post/PM/email. And that snowballs, because it buries PMs/emails. I just cannot win the communication game, because too many people want to overcommunicate. For example, we last communicated about 3 days ago. That wasn't very long ago. No need to freak out.

Those of you lucky enough to score some of my refurbished hardware, remember that I'm just a person, not Amazon Prime. Operators are not standing by, and 24/7 chat isn't available. But that's a good thing. For example, unlike sloppy Amazon/eBay shipping, I take time and care with packaging your gear, using specific materials and methods, which takes time to do.

Essentially there's only so many hours in a day, especially when you're limited by health.

I never ignore anybody, at least not intentionally.

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