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08-03-2003, 08:58 AM
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Hi there,
I have a hardward Mpeg-1 encoder capture card (with TV tuner), it comes with a crappy capture program. I want to use Virtual Dub to capture TV shows as AVI file (using huffy codec) and encode to wonderful KVCD. Virtual Dub says that "no capture driver was detected!"

How can I make Virtual Dub to recognise the capture driver. Doom 9's guide says I have to turn on the capture program that comes with the capture card, I did it, but Virtual Dub still doesn't recognise any capture driver. What should I do? Do I have to place and "*.dll" file inside the same folder of Virtual Dub? Thanks!
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08-03-2003, 11:39 AM
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hi syk2c11,

no, what Doom9 was saying (cause I done this many times before w/ my
ATI-TV Wonder) though I haven't ben to Doom9's article on that ...

Without any capture/editor apps open...
* 1st, you have to start up your MMC app
* set your configuration to your liking for .AVI capturing, then
* close out of the app
* next, you open up vdub and those same basic settings should apply
....when you start up your capturing (w/ out you making any settings inside
* Then, when you have vdub finally recignising your capture card, you
....sould save this config, under vdub's Preferences. And, that becomes
....your working capture setup for vdub. But, once vdub recignises your
....capture card, it should statup with it in a capture window, if not, you will
....probably have some other issues or pre-setups to make. Sorry, I'm
....not a mind reader, and won't know what your next step is, but I think
....that all the above here should work in most cases - - though I could be wrong.

At least, the above always worked for me. The trick is to get vdub to first
know what its dealing with (settings' / drivers'wise)

Search for Stinky --> on vcdhelp ...
Back over on vcdhelp, a user by the name of Stinky created a tool
for just this sort of thing/trick. Do a search for him and ask if he still has
the tool for D/L
If anything, he may have other, newer suggestions for ya

Good luck,
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08-03-2003, 12:05 PM
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hi sky2c11,

Here is Stinky's MMC_reg tool.

Here is vcdhelp's ATI_AIW_Guide by Stinky I think.

Well, good luck anyways..

EDIT: - - - I just realized, you said, "hardware mpeg"
I don't know why I had MMC on my mind Sorry about that !!
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