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06-24-2004, 12:09 AM
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Hello, I was just wondering why is making a KVCD or a SKVCD better than an XVCD or a XSVCD?

I recently made a KVCD 720X480 using DVD2SVCD and everything turn great, but the title and the credits seem to be very shaky and out of place. Normally I wouldn't care about this, but since it was a kind of movie where at the begging they show places and stuff that will connect to the movie later on, it made it kind of bad.

I think is a great can fit a whole movie into one CD-R, but using DVD2SVCD you can get a XVCD or a XSVCD to fit on one CD-R too and the credits look the same as the original. Also the bitrate seems to be higher and the resolution better than a SKVCD.

1. I did this by uploading the movie

2. Going to the Misc. tab and choosing DVD to SVCD

3. Frameserver and resize it to 720X480/576

I want to know if I'm or right or wrong.
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06-24-2004, 03:43 AM
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You did 2 things "not absolutly right" (even if they are not really wrong).

First : never enlarge a video. In other words, hen you DL a movie you should do it in 720*480

Second, if you use a lower resolution according to your source size (let say you you the regular SVCD resolution that is 480*480), then you will need only ONE cd if you do it in KVCD while regular SVCD will need 2 disc to obtain the same quality.

Even in 544*480 you can put a 1h45 movie on a single disc with KVCD. You won't never do that with regular SVCD.

And to return to your test : in 720*480 on 2 disc SVCD turns great, but KVCD would have turn AWESOME

Note : a bitrate is determined by the length of the movie and the place on the disc; It CAN'T be higher in XVCD than in SKVCD for instance.
(bitrate = bit/s = bits divided by seconds...).

Note2 : the resolution in SKVCD is not fixed so there is no reason to tell it os lower than XSVCD. You can do a KVCD in THE RESOLUTION YOU WANT !

Note3 : KVCD ARE XVCD and SKVCD ARE XSVCD. By definition XVCD (XSVCD) are just VCD (SVCD) using not regular parameters. And the matrix used by the "K" is far better than the regular one.
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