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07-10-2004, 06:11 PM
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I have a question.

It seems that more and more questions are being submitted in the non English speaking threads of this forum. This in itself is fair enough. However, I personally cannot speak Portuguese (for example) and cant help thinking that some GEM of KVCD information is being given in one of these threads - but unless I find someone from that country I will never know.

Is there some kind of check in place to make sure that the more 'relevant' questions or queries are also managing to find themselves translated into English?

Yes, I know that there is probably some person somewhere who cannot speak English but can speak Portuguese. But my point still remains - if he cant read the English stuff, he's in the same situation as I am.

Its not a question of someone telling me just to post my question in English if I need something answered, because the beauty of Forums is that you can read other people's experiences and learn from them without even having a question of your own.

(sorry for rambling on)
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07-10-2004, 06:39 PM
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Most of the gurus here reads and write more than one language. I can insure you that 99% of problems seen in foreign languages forums were already discussed on the english one.

The problem is more in the other way : someone that do not speak english is really in trouble here
But we can't clearly open threads just to tell "this is a problem currently discussed in english forum and I give you the translation". So we "just" wait for someone to have the problem and answer to him.

I confess I see sometimes problems in portuguese forum that have a real simple solution but I am too lazy to answer (portuguese is not really my best language).
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