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02-25-2003, 04:41 PM
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it goes like this:


i've opened the .avi in virtualdub...i put subtitles (with Textsub) then I frameserved it to TMPGenc...encoded using kvcd 3x--> m2v


opened .avi in virtualdub...full compression mode...saved as wav...then, headac3he...converted it to .mp2 (bitrate: 224 -- dual channel)


bbmpeg...opened the .m2v and the .mp2...created then the .mpg

-> the audio is out of sync. with the video...

things i've done:
-> i resampled, in headac3he, the .mp2 to 44.1 (it was 4...same problem..
-> i tried to correct the sync. in virtualdub...i opened the .avi...put it to 25 fps (same fps as kvcd template used)...using the .wav saved before in virtualdub ----> found it quite hard to fix the problem...couldn't get the right time to adjust the sound with the video...

really appreciate anyone who helps!!

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