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10-20-2003, 01:54 AM
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hi to all,

after some tests that i did on weekend i settled in these below
by using these settings i suceed in very good quality and gain some time

DVD2AVI settings
check Video -> YUV->RGB -> TV Scale

the avisynth script


i also changed the video.en1
these lines
Job.MPEG.Video.MotionSearchSpeed=MPEGVideoEncoder_ MotionSearchSpeed_Slow
Job.MPEG.Video.YUVBasicYCbCr = False
to these
Job.MPEG.Video.MotionSearchSpeed=MPEGVideoEncoder_ MotionSearchSpeed_MotionEstimate
Job.MPEG.Video.YUVBasicYCbCr = True

i run ToK with 850.000.000 in both file size fields on Prediction & Spacing tab

thanks a lot for your time

fight club the movie (DVD source)
approximately time 2:20
fit to one CD and have incredible quality

at last i'm not a guru in making movies but only a user who's searching
how to get better quality

so don't ask me questions why do this and don't do this ....

it's one thing that i know for sure, that i know nothing for sure
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