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09-30-2013, 11:42 PM
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I'm behind on what exists now.

I want to get something that can play my DVD ISO files over the network.

Right now, I have a WDTV (original non-Live model), and move it TV to TV as needed. If I want to watch the ISOs on my hard drive, I have to unplug the external hard drive from the computer. That's a nuisance. So I want to wireless transmit it.

Wired would also be nice -- for bandwidth reasons -- as my main TV has wired internet access to a gigabit N router. The router sits behind the TV, and provides both wired access to a Blu-ray player, and acts as a secondary wireless access point.

Aside from the WDTV Live, what exists?
And how good is the WDTV Live for this?


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09-30-2013, 11:43 PM
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I couldn't remember what post you made about streaming devices for iso and what not.

In addition to the obvious wdtv units you could consider an android device. Anything that can run 720p or higher video and has hdmi out should be all you need to stream from any computer that is using a dlna server.

I can do that with the ouya i got earlier this summer. It plays dvd iso perfectly. Though only a few devices do bluray iso that I know of.

I can't name any off hand but if you are dead set on bluray iso that will limit your options.

You can look into those smart tv android add on units. They have them at walgreens drugstores and places like that. Though they are older models so probably won't have hdmi out but should be able to stream iso with programs like xbmc if you can sideload apps to that unit.

Check online for older generation galaxy tabs or even kindle fires and you might find something suitable.

The only trick for android devices will be full 1080p playback and bluray iso playback. It will have to be a beefy unit to do that. That might price it above a wdtv and reduce its effectiveness.

But if you have an android tablet laying around you can play with it right now and see your options.

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