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01-19-2014, 11:06 AM
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Last night as I was scouring ebay for a 160 gb ipod classic I came across a few that said they were 240gb. Hold the phone, I've never seen anything advertised that's more than 160gb. Who even still uses these things, right? Half sarcasm here. Anyway, after doing a bit of research I see that people usually modify their ipods to hold more space. Or you can pay someone to do it.

I figured I'd bring this up in the forum if it wasn't brought up already. What do you all think? Is it a good idea to pay someone or do it yourself? Or is it better to just buy 2 160gb ipods and leave the insides alone? I still have my 120gb that I bought nearly 5 years ago and still works fine, but I'm outta space and don't feel that an extra 40gb of space (probably only an extra 30 gb really) is a long term answer.

Thanks in advance!!

Anyone? Bueller?
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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07-21-2014, 02:19 AM
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As much as we like to help, sometimes topics are way outside our expertise zone. In fact, I think we're going to zap this entire "digital devices" subforum, and just merging it back into general discussion. This was dumped in my queue for some reason, and I missed it.

But I am curious what happened to all of this!

Personally, I avoid DIY if it's too far outside my expertise zone. Granted, we're just talking hard drives here. So I may try to DIY. Tough call.

Then again, all of my music, radio shows, etc -- all audio -- probably fits on a 160gb drive.

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07-21-2014, 03:12 PM
TylerDurden389 TylerDurden389 is offline
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Hey LS. I ended up doing the same thing I did the year before: Go through all my music for a few months and delete whatever I never listen to. First time I did it, it took me like 3-4 months this time it only took me about 3-4 weeks

I think it's either A: As I continue to get rid of what I don't listen to, it just gets faster/easier since there's less to sift through, but also B: As I get older I get more "concrete" about which music I like and don't like (It can get difficult when you listen to pretty much everything out there lol. Thankfully the "play count" cuts out half the work since I can just see what I do and don't listen to ever, or as often).

Either way, I'm sticking to my old 120gb until the day it dies. When that happens, I'll bite the bullet and get the $250 160gb. I ain't taking a chance on something custom made. Though I'd have considered doing it myself (a lot of people do it apparently).
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