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There are surely many available options out there for copying discs, and there are guides on the guides portion of digitalFAQ.com.

But, as with any technology, things can slowly (not suddenly) become outdated:
- In the case of copying DVDs, some of the older software is not always 100% cooperative with the newest of DVD burners.
- And some of the newest commercially released DVDs have anti-copy methods that are impenetrable by now-abandoned decryption software.

So what is current?

While copying DVDs with DVD Decrypter is a good method (using ISO READ of the source, followed by ISO WRITE to a blank), it has been abandoned by the creator. For non-protected discs, it should still be fine for reading disc ISOs, be it from a DVD-ROM or a DVD burner. However, if you want to write to a disc with a really new burner, and Decrypter won't see it, look into using the software IMGBURN, found at http://www.imgburn.com. Apparently, the DVD Decrypter programmer has continued development on the burning aspect. You'll notice the software is visually similar to DVD Decrypter.

Most disc-to-disc methods are still the same old, same old. If your burner is not recognized by something like Nero, Prassi or RecordNow, you'll have to get the newest version. Each of these is still in production, and makes updates to add new burners, with each new version.

In terms of decrypting commercial discs, for the purpose of hopefully-legal endeavors, you'll find the decryption algorithms in software like DVD Shrink and DVDXCopy and others to be discontinued long ago. At the moment, there are two piece of software. Their is a freeware called DVDFab Decrypter (available at http://www.dvdidle.com/free.htm) and a piece of $40 payware called AnyDVD (available at http://www.slysoft.com/en/download.html). If anybody needs detailed info on operating these software, ask. But it should be fairly similar to what you've always done, and the software sites should have guides and other instructional material. It's pretty straight-forward.

That's it for now.
I doubt anything will be changing anytime soon.

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