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It seems as though with Nero you burn the collection of files (.vob, .ifo, .bup) while with DVD Decrypter you burn an ISO file. Does that mean that Nero creates an ISO file and then burns it while DVD Decrypter just burns the ISO created by another package, such as DVD Shrink?

I am trying to learn...
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Nero is a burning application. It can burn many "disc" files, include ISO, IMG, BIN/CUE, as well as create new discs from files on the computer (no "disc" file is needed). For DVD-Video, in Nero, you simply load the DVD-Video template, and then drop the VOB/IFO/BUP files in the VIDEO_TS folder.

DVD Decrypter is a program that extracts "disc images" from DVDs (and will remove copy protection at the same time, if any exists). As an added bonus, recent versions (starting sometimes in 2003-2004) also have the ability to burn the images back to a new disc.

So, both can make DVDs, but they operate differently, and may have different source file requirements to make the disc (DD needs images, Nero can take images or just files).

Guides for burning and copying are found in the AUTHORING/BURNING section of the digitalFAQ.com guides.

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