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04-14-2010, 12:31 PM
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For many years now I've been using TMPG DA (AW) to create compliant dvd files from my MiniDV camcorder. I basically just video stuff around where I live and run it thru USB (via the camcorder) to make an avi file. Run that avi file thru TMPG to author and encode the file. For a while now I've noticed little bits of "blocking" on these files and they don't look terrible but i think they could look better. I've been reading a bit on google or at videohelp and it seems that TMPG's own encoder used in its authoring app (Tsunami) is supposedly not the greatest.

My question is, is there an alternative app that has the ease of use and simplicity of TMPG DA (AW) but has a better encoder included? Maybe even a better process that's not all-in-one that has good results. I'm not a novice when it comes to creating menus and compliant dvd files so I don't mind takign the time to learn a new piece of software, but I really don't wanna start from scratch and learn some Adobe app that would take me a long time to get use to or even understand. Especially on home movies

I've always wanted to know what "simple" authoring apps or "all-in-one" apps encoders were being used to in their software. Like what does Ulead use for their encoder? or Sonic or Womble etc...I thought it may help users, who wanted to get the best possible encode, make a better/informed decision on what software produces the best results. I've used ConvertX and for the simple folks, I really like it but my main issue with that app is there's not much flexibility and the produced output size is always way below the setting you want (seems to get smaller in size by each product update they release)


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02-12-2018, 06:41 AM
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The honest truth is to simply not rely on authoring programs for encoding video. It was that way in the years before this thread, and it's still true in years since.

Ideally you'd prep all the assets to proper video/audio specs, and simply let the authoring software compile it.

TMPGEnc did so-so quality encoding, and so-so quality authoring. The disc was obviously homemade.

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