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Hi, I have a question that I need your help on. What software do you recommend or use to do the dvd menus? I need the main menus to display the background image and have the second half image overlay at the bottom of the page before the buttons shows for a command. If its needed I can provide a small video of what I want to accomplish with the menu software. Please let me know the software recommendation along with information needed by me?

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The best DVD authoring software is Ulead DVD Workshop 2. It's discontinued, because Ulead is gone (out of business), but it's by no means obsolete. It's still one of the best authoring programs available. So I recommend using that is you can locate it.

I'd have to see an example of what you want done -- an image of each screen. Authoring that is probably not hard, but it's often not a direct method. Authoring DVDs is a very strict/rigid process, so there are many rules of what can and cannot be done, but there are many workarounds to visually achieve what you want.

For example, that "secord half" image is another whole image that just looks like a half. And if you want to animate the bottom half moving up, that just a small transition clip. And all of the is possible in Ulead DVDWS2, whereas it's not with most other programs. DVDWS2 was intended to be a "prosumer" app with pro functions and a consumer point-and-click GUI. And it succeeded!

Put that video up here.

For a few bucks -- not much at all --- I could maybe even mock up a template that you can use. We'll see!

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10-01-2013, 10:25 AM
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That would be great! I provided the video of what needs to be mock. Please let me know how this can be done with the software along with the price for your time and service?


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