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I had a DVD consisting of a pre-menu clip, a motion menu, and a 4:2:2 main video, because sometimes I'm an idiot.

When I put it in my Oppo 203, it didn't play the pre-menu sequence at first. Just sat there with a black screen, and the front display all zeroes. None of the buttons worked except the power button on the front of the machine. I think I switched it off, switched it back on again and it played through to the menu but obviously didn't play the main video.

Took it out to my Pioneer DV-490V, because that'll play any damn thing, and it played fine first time through to the menu and failed at the main video.

Tried PowerDVD, and got the same result. Looked at MediaInfo, banged by head on the desk, and re-encoded the main video as 4:2:0.

Put the new disc in the Oppo....same. F*(&*ing. Result. Except this time no amount of rebooting or ejecting or anything else will get it to play, I get either a black screen with all zeroes on the front display or a black screen with "HOME SCREEN" on the front display.

Put it in the Pioneer, it all works just fine.

Put it in my computer and tried PowerDVD, and it boots straight to the menu without playing the pre-menu clip.

The main video was HCEnc, and I botched the subsampling setting the first time obviously, but the menu and premenu I just spat out of Premiere with AME because who really cares. MPEG2-DVD preset, pretty much (quality bump to 5, CBR 9Mbps because the whole thing only fills 85% of a disc). They both have the exact same settings so I'm not sure why the menu would work if the premenu doesn't, as happens on PowerDVD at the moment. I'm lazy so the audio is WAV files dropped into Encore (auto-transcoded to 192kbps AC3), but that's my usual process so I know it works.
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