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Hi guys,

This is my first post to the forum, so hopefully I am following all of the correct protocols - if not please let me know.

I have been doing some video transfers for myself and other family members with fairly standard consumer grade equipment, the material being a variety of PAL and and NTSC tapes.

However I would like to "graduate" to the next level. Based on a fairly extensive reading of forum posts, I have come to learn that a JVC VCR HR-S7600 or higher is a good choice for transferring PAL material as they are higher quality than consumer grade and also have a built in TBC.

I have also learned that it is not necessarily a good idea with combo products (multi-system, combined VCR/DVD players etc.), but better to have dedicated equipment when possible

With that in mind: I am considering picking up a HR-S7600EK which is basically a PAL VCR with TBC. But according to the manual "Your video recorder is equipped with NTSC circuitry that can play back NTSC tapes." which sounds promising.

Although this is not truly a multisystem, it apparently can playback both PAL and NTSC - the question is, whether the NTSC "circuitry" is lower in quality, doesnt use th TBC etc. or would this in reality be a great choice in my case for playback of both standards.

I thank the forum in advance for any feeedback/ideas.


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TBC/DNR is active when playing back NTSC on these. You will need something that can handle the non-standard (PAL-60) signal it outputs though, like a newer pioneer/sony dvd recorder. Many capture cards do I think, but the oft used TBCs from datavideo/avt do not, and neither does the panasonic dvd-recorders. Those only support standard NTSC (+ NTSC 4.43 in the case of the avtoolbox tbc).

The NTSC circuitry isn't "lower quality", it's the same chips as on the NTSC variant, the difference in this case would be in video head widths (how much impact that has I have no idea) and the alteration of the color signal to the PAL60 format that made it possible to display on a PAL television.

I can't say a lot about how it compares to the full on NTSC variant of the decks, at least on the year older HR-S8500EH I have the result seemed pretty good though. If there is differences I would suspect it would be more notable on SLP speed.

My Video gear overview/test/repair/stuff yt channel http://youtu.be/cEyfegqQ9TU
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