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from e-mail...

please a friend sent me the above dvd from germany. it's a region
'2' dvd. i have some dvds that can't play in it. i'll like you to assist me
if you know how to neutralise the code for this dvd. thanks
Playing a DVD from another country is actually quite easy. Because of how many DVD players/recorders are now made in China, most all machines around the world will play both NTSC and PAL video formats. That leaves us mostly with region coding to deal with.

There are THREE major options to choose from, to ignore/remove region coding:

1. Region-free the DVD. Simply copy the DVD to a new disc, using a tool like DVD Decrypter (for most DVDs) or DVD Fab Decrypter (for some newer "big name" movies). These softwares will strip the region coding, and then you can burn a new region-free disc that plays fine.

2. Region-free the DVD player. This is not as easy, and is not available on all machines. This can range from simple hidden menus, secret remote button press combinations, or "hacking" of the machine's firmware.

3. Watch on computer, override region with AnyDVD. The final option is to watch on a computer, not a television, and then simply buy and use the software AnyDVD, which ignores regions.

If you need anything else, or have other questions, post a reply here on the forum.


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