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Referring to the charts in the AVI vs MPEG capture guide, I assume that the 3500-4000 bit rates mentioned are sufficient for capturing from VHS Standard Play tapes. Should I take into account if the VHS source is Standard Play or Extended Play, and if so what bit rates would you recommend for EP? - mlaviolette
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12-05-2004, 01:57 PM
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VHS has nothing to do with it. Those are for 352x480 resolution, period.

Anything from 2500-5000 VBR/CBR is usually fine. upper end can be CBR, lower end should be VBR average. Anything lower is usually too low, anything higher is usually too high. Some of this depends on quality of the hardware and software too. For example, the only time I can get exceptional quality at 2500 is on JVC hardware or Procoder software. For others, I go a bit higher.

Content determines this. Fast action, lots of details, higher bitrate. Cartoons and less motion (documentaries, interviews, news), can usually have lower bitrate.

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