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Hi, I've been loking for a good video selector/switcher to plug my multiple units (vhs, s-vhs, vhs multi, turntable, laserdisc, audio cassettes player), but I couln't find a good one with at least 6 intputs and a power cord (to get a good signal).

Can somebody please help me with that ?

Thanks to answer
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Someday, 12:01 PM
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Moving this to Home Entertainment, since it's really not a capturing topic...

You do know that these degrade video quality, right? The more cables/components you add to a signal chain, the more likely degradation will occur. This makes power line filtering (via a good UPS) and quality cables even more important.

I've never seen one that has 6 inputs -- only 4 inputs.

There is this one:
Cables To Go 40697 6x2 Component Video, Stereo Audio and TOSLINK Digital Audio Matrix Selector Switch (Black)
It's a higher quality switch, given that it allows component. But it runs $125.

or this:
Cablestogo 40446 HDMI Selector Switch (6-Port)
Again, higher end, so $75 each.

Generally speaking, you're more likely to find switch boxes like this one, for under $20:
Sima SVS-14 4 Input Manual A/V Selector

The brands generally associated with these kinds of devices include Terk, Sima, Cablestogo, RCA and Philips.

What I do is fill up all available slots on the HDTV, as there are quite a few HDMI, component, composite and s-video available.

You NEVER want to capture video through a switch, due to the aforementioned noise-adding nature of switches. You should always connected devices on by one. Anything not essential should be unplugged from the TV/computer, possibly from the electrical. Again, power line noise is easy to generate.

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Shame, but thanks, anyway
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