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from e-mail...
When you connect a computer to an LCD HDTV via HDMI, and both are set for 720p...

1) Should the video footage you just captured that is 29.97 interlaced remain 29.97 interlaced upon conversion to another container IF you plan to play the resulting file using your computer HDMI out to your LCD HDTV?

2) Should same file remain interlaced if the playback setup is a computer outputting to a computer monitor using HDMI?

I am assuming that because the source is 29.97i and the destination is 60 Hz that the file should remain interlaced..
The quality of the video output onto the television largely depends on the hardware and software in use by the computer.

For example, my HP laptop has s-video out, and while I can play interlaced files on it, through VLC Media Player, it will look a bit blurry, because the computer's hardware output doesn't seem to truly be interlaced. I have to use one of the VLC deinterlacing modes, usually MEAN or X.

The same is true of my XBOX, which doubles/blends fields together, making it unwatchable in quality. Anything created for those devices must be IVTC'd first, or deinterlaced if there is no way to undue the interlacing.

The only way to know how your exact piece of hardware will react with another (in this case, a computer to a tv set), is to create some quit tests files, and give it a try.

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