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In 2012 I bought a Magnavox HDD/DVD recorder combo (I actually bought it for the DVR capability, it just so happened it was comb'd with a DVDR). I was surprised to see that it would not record dual layer discs considering how new it is. I also have a much older ES10 that also does not record dual layer discs.

What's a good DVD recorder that can record dual layer discs? +R DL, -R DL, doesn't matter, I have a Micro Center in my city and can buy any media under the sun for good prices. Also it doesn't need RF in, I'll use a converter box and cable box using composite and S-Video.

Thanks for the suggestions.
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Q: What's a good DVD recorder that can record dual layer discs?
A: None. It does not exist.

Very few DVD recorders (mostly LG recorders) were able to handle DL discs, but all had issues with the layer break, since the way it recorded was non-standard. DL need to be burned at once, with the layer break set at burn time. But DVD recorders use DVD-VR/DVD+VR methods of burning, which didn't (couldn't!) plan where to out a layer break on the burn. VR was a "hack" that allowed DVD recorders to exist at all.

Both DVD-R DL and DVD+R DL recorders existed, however:
- DVD-R DL is lousy both due to its "backwards" disc burning method and DVD-VR
- DVD+R DL is lousy solely due to DVD+VR.

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