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Hello. I have a Sony Hi8 camcorder and I want to transfer mainly Video8 tapes to my computer as an AVI format. I bought an internal capture card for my PC which is an AverMedia CE310B (or so I think). It has a composite input, so I found it the most convenient. However, there is a problem with capturing which makes the video all 'wavy' and black and white along with dropouts here and there. Either when I move the camera during playback or when there is a scene which involves the camcorder shaking a lot, this issue is present. I have come to the conclusion that the footage was imprinted strangely on the tape because of movement, but the LCD screen of the camcorder gets around that somehow. When I connect the camcorder to the TV and test, it looks absolutely fine despite any real time or recorded turbulence. All I want is a stable image throughout an entire tape through my computer in the best quality I can have. Have I made a mistake buying this card? If I have, what should I get?
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What camera are you using? Do you have an example frame from the captured video?

Most likely it's due to being an older or lower end camera that does not have a TBC function to stabilize the image. TVs often do this to an extent, and presumably also the chip that digitizes the video for the LCD screen, but very few capture cards do. In this case the main suggestion is looking for a better camera, typically one of the newer Sony ones with TBC/DNR. There are some lists floating around the forums.

That said, I've had an issue with an older PCI capture card where the image for whatever reason was jittery and had white spots even when capturing stable output but I suspect that is less likely the issue here.
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Modest, gentile moves of the player should NOT effect the image. It it does something is not quite right in the player.

Does it happen with all tapes, or only some?

In some cases nearby strong magnetic fields can cause issue with playback; things like speaker magnets, motors and potentially light dimmers.

That said, you probably need both a line and frame TBC to ensure a stable, precise video signal for capture. As noted above TVs are generally relatively forgiving of signal issues, but capture cards typically are not.
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