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Hi all!
I currently have a basic setup, that I thought has perfect for multiple years, for capturing Video8, Hi8, and VHS. I currently have in my setup:

-Sony EVO-250 deck & Toshiba DVR620 VCR (s-video out connections on both) ->
-ADVC300 ->
-macOS capturing with FinalCut/LifeFlix.

After reading a much of threads on this forum, I'm starting to learn that the ADVC300 is not preferred as it degrades the color with DV encoding, nor does it have a decent, if any, TBC. I've always been satisfied with my quality, and any fuzziness I've observed I just assumed was the quality of analog 8mm's and VHS's (although my Hi8 tapes are noticeably clearer). Now, after many observations, I do notice the color on my Mac and the TV display is not as vibrant as in the viewfinder of a camera.

I do not wish to change my player at this time and I'd by interested in getting a TBC if the price is under $300, but what I'm mostly interested in is what capture device can I get (for either Mac or PC), that will keep the color and picture quality as close to the source as possible? I'm only using the ADVC300 because I thought it was the best option to get the analog signal digitally to a computer, and firewire was simple for my current setup. I don't really care what the captured encoding is, lossless is probably preferred, as long as I can bring it back to my Mac for video editing.

Thanks for any recommendations given!
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