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08-17-2011, 08:39 AM
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The digitalFAQ.com forum Marketplace is intended for individuals only.

This part of the site was set up to give our forum members (new or old, Free or Premium) the ability to buy, sell, or trade hardware (and sometimes retail-boxed software) that is useful to the needs of our community. The Digital FAQ is a site dedicated to digital media -- a.k.a video, photo and web/print publishing. Members are allowed and encouraged to BST (buy/sell/trade) their video and photography gear, or even related computer gear. This forum has been very successful in helping our members BST their used VCRs, TBCs, proc amps, detailers, cameras, Betamax decks, Laserdisc players, etc.

The Marketplace is $FREE, too. This site provides a good alternative to the cheapskates of Craigslist, or the 10% fees and hassles of eBay. Their gear is put directly in front of the perfect target demographic -- people who need to BST this very kind of hardware and supplies.

At our discretion, we may allow companies (usually small businesses or studios only) to sell their excess stock, or clearance out their surplus of used/unneeded equipment, as it relates to these areas. For example, if a studio decides they no longer need some VCRs or TBCs, this is a perfect place for them to unload that gear. Exceptions are granted for one-time situations, where it greatly benefits our individual forum members.

The Marketplace is not for companies selling regular items/services.

If you would like to advertise your business, feel free to Contact Us about our current advertising options (banner spots, text link sponsorship placements, mailing list send outs, etc).

Those who spam our site anyway will find themselves banned and added to our Spammer Dedication Thread -- and possibly editorialized in articles, written about in dedicated forum posts critical to the company/business in question, or even discussed negatively by Site Staff on other sites (WHT or VideoHelp, for example). Quality businesses do not spam forums, and the mere act of spamming reveals the shady and tacky level of your operation.

Thanks for your attention to this very strict policy.

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