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01-08-2013, 02:48 PM
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Hi everybody,

I cannot see the trees for the forest, but let me start with a short introduction.
I am new to this forum. Also newbie to webhosting. I am self-employed and have had several company websites in the past which have always been developed and maintained by professional firms.
Due to some bad experiences with my current hosting company/web developer and due to my changing wants and needs in combination with severe financial pressure I have decided to develop a new website by myself.
The past few days I have spent surfing the net, finding out about which software to use for the writing. In doing so, I decided to go using Wordpress.
I learned from several websites that hosting websites developed with Wordpress is a special thing (or seems to be). I have also learned from the overview of KPmedia at this site that there are many not so good hosts available. And of course I did some reading of some threads about Stablehost a.o.
Today I have had two chats, one with a company called Westhost, another with EuroVPS. Both chats did not supply understandable answers (for me, as a newbie).
So therefore, I would like to ask if someone could advice me on my choice, if you keep in mind the following requests/facts/requirements:
* I am not a technical expert and I do not have the secret hidden desire to become one, so the hosting must be hassle free, the host must do all the necessary maintenance a.s.o.
* my website and company are based in Europe, The Netherlands. Onto the website I want to show my prospects a movie. The movie has a size of 35MB. It is important that when a customer clicks at an icon to start the movie, the movie actually will start without delay (of course based on the fact that the customer will have an appropriate Internet connection). It is therefore that I believe having a server based in NL or close by would be best. True or nonsense?
* I have no clue if a movie of 35 MB is a lot for quick downloading?
* I do not expect many customers per day on the website, 10s to 100's max.
* Westhost appeared to have no servers outside US. Is this a problem for my wants?
* EuroVPS advised me to take the VPS hosting, type VS4 with a RAM >2.5 Gig and a bandwidth of 2TB. This might be a little bit oversized for my need?
* I am happy to pay for hosting as I do not want to see any ads from any company and I do understand that service does cost money. But I like to start small (but sufficient for the need) and see what comes of it.
* In webhosting I like to have all the features available that make developing a website with Wordpress AND writing blogs easy, nice, comfortable, etc.
* I have asked several hosters if I should take some VPS-thing or better shared hosting but no answers yet. Anybody?

Well, quite a long story, I hope that someone could tip me how to get through this forest!
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01-08-2013, 10:41 PM
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Welcome to the site, glad to have you, lets see if we can help you out.

Wordpress is a great platform. We actually specialize in that here on this site, we have actually been using it for at least 6 years here.

Two very newbie friendly web hosts are StableHost and MDDHosting as well as very affordable shared cPanel hosts. I use them myself, infact we just told StableHost how important they are to us because of how well we can rely on them. But unfortunately they are located in the USA and you are correct that a NL based host would be ideal for you.

You know, we don't actively seek new customers, but what you want is something we could provide. 35MB for 100 people is not a whole lot to serve, and we have server space for that, and we could host you if you are interested. As an option available to you. Beyond that, EuroVPS is going to be the perfect host for you, but they are more technical.

As I said before we don't actively seek out new customers, but it sounds like we have a couple of options for you.
1. We could arrange to host you on our servers since you would be starting out small, as well as be your web developer. As a site we use several hosts, one of our top being EuroVPS which we could use for you. And as your site grows, we can help to migrate you to your own EuroVPS server when the time comes.
2. You can outright get a server from EuroVPS which we can help you plan out what you need and be a web developer for you.

Both options are great, the 2nd of the two being the best I think.
This offer actually comes directly from kpmedia as well.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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01-09-2013, 07:33 AM
Lightenergysaver Lightenergysaver is offline
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Hello JMP,

Thanks for your reply and information. I am surprised (and happy) to see in which way you might be able to help me. I am interested in both options. Why do you think that the second option is best for me?
Could you inform me about the costs of both?
In using part of your space at EuroVPS, would you guarantee me that my website will be put at the Amsterdam server?

I am also interested in your offer of helping as a webdeveloper. Do you mean this whilst being on the forum (me asking questions while I am making my new website with Wordpress, you supplying answers/possibilities) or do you view this in a more private environment as in my company hiring yours?

I look forward to your reactions!
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01-13-2013, 12:55 PM
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We sent you a PM on this. I have several ideas for your hosting.

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