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02-12-2016, 12:33 PM
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Hey all,

I got a large VHS video collection that I'm looking to clear out of the house, all in excellent condition. I don't own a VCR anymore, so decided to give these to a new home. Not sure if anyone still collects VHS videos anymore, managed to sell some of my videos last year.. these are the ones I have left over.
All tapes 1 each, postage is 2.80 for up to 3 videos - UK only. Can take more photos if you want

List of what's in there;

Excellent condition, covers and boxes in perfect condition

1. Drunken Master (Made in Hong Kong)
2. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (Made in Hong Kong)
3. Moon Warriors (Made in Hong Kong)
4. The Heroic Trio (Made in Hong Kong)
5. God of Gamblers (Made in Hong Kong)
6. Last Hero in China (Made in Hong Kong)
7. The Buddist Fist (Made in Hong Kong)
8. Wing Chun (Made in Hong Kong)
9. Encounters of the Spooky Kind (Made in Hong Kong)
10. Once a Thief (Made in Hong Kong)
11. Crime Story (Hong Kong Classics)
12. City Hunter (Hong Kong Classics)
13. Naked Killer (Hong Kong Classics)
14. Best of the Best (Hong Kong Classics)
15. Outlaw Brothers (Hong Kong Classics)
16. Enter the Dragon (Warner Home Video)
17. The Protector (Warner Home Video)
18. Jeet Kune Do (IMC Vision)
19. The Way of the Dragon (Front Video)
20. The Legend (Front Video)
21. Police Story (Front Video)
22. Fist of Fury (Polygram Video)
23. Gorgeous (Columbia Tristar)


Excellent condition, covers and boxes in perfect condition

1. Devil Man - The Demon Bird and The Birth (Manga Video)
2. Ninja Scroll (Manga Video)
3. Venus Wars (Manga Video)
4.The Winds of Amnesia (Manga Video)
5. Geno Cyber - Stages 1,2 and 3 (Manga Video)
6. Urotsukidoji - Legend of the Overfiend (Manga Video)
7. Urotsukidoji - Episodes 1-4 (Kiseki)
9. Kekkou Kamen Volume 1 - Naked Justice (East2West)
10. Kekkou Kamen Volume 2 - Nudes Flash (East2West)
13. Riding Bean (AnimEigo)


1. Scream (Miramax)
2. Stephen King's IT (Warner Home Video)
3. Nirvana - Live! Tonight! Sold Out!
4. Pranks (Vipco's Vaults of Horror)
5. Rocky 1-2 (Warner Home Video)
6. Rocky 3-4 (Warner Home Video)
7. Masters of the Universe (Warner Home Video)
8. Batman Forever (Warner Home Video)
9. Batman Returns (Warner Home Video)
10. Batman 1989 Re-issued version (Warner Home Video)
12. RoboCop 2 (Virgin)
13. The Making of Terminator 2: Judgment Day
14. Street Fighter The Movie (Columbia Tristar)
15. Independence Day (20th Century Fox)
16. Bedazzled (Warner Home Video)
17. Serving Sara (Pathe)
18. Tom and Jerry's Special Bumper Collection (MGM)


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