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02-03-2017, 02:56 PM
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Here is folks, have 4 AG 1980 units for sale, that I have personally restored to PERFECT WORKING QUALITY.

Don't care if you purchased one of these unit in the past, because every unit I have ever seen has issues. The capacitors have gone bad, Panasonic used a bad string of capacitors that don't last, have gone in to these units, fixed them, and replaced the capacitors will new ones that will last a whole lot longer.

These units have a lot of capacitors it is not like the JVC decks.

On all these AG 1980's doing a 12 month full warranty on all work done to the units.

Just the costs on my end to repair and buy these units costs a pretty penny, it was not cheap and fronted the cash myself. You may think the price on these units are high, in truth were are you going to find a perfect working AG 1980 unit, on EBAY, I think not.

If I sell them for $600 a unit, I lose money that is how much went in to them....

These are the BEST VCR's ever made for every kind of tape if you have them working correct.

These machines work perfect.

The Price with shipping is $950, that is for USA only, outside of the USA you pay for shipping.

You are getting a full warranty, were you ship back the unit and I pay the return shipping and fix the problems.

If you don't want to pay $950 for a VCR, still have a few 9900 JVC decks, which is the 2nd best VCR series, you need to contact me about them, cause the units were also all restored so the price will be higher than my other listing.
Someday, 12:01 PM
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02-18-2017, 02:07 PM
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Deter's Notes:

Panasonic AG 1980 are the most amazing VCR's.

Wish I knew about them back in the day. Heck no idea were people purchased them or how they got them. They really were not sold in VCR shops.

These units are built like you can't believe this is old school heavy duty electronics. However, time is the biggest enemy to these units, the capacitors inside the machine don't last. Every unit I have ever seen has had problems. Electronic fault or whatever you want to call it.

In order in 2017 to get fully loaded operational AG 1980; to get the full potential, it has to be rebuilt.

Now I search all over to find someone to repair these, called everywhere, sent the machines out. With no luck, nobody that I dealt with knew anything about these. Than started talking with a US Navy tech, who worked on US Navy electronics and also a Russian electronics expert.

So yea before the news breaks Deter was trained by the Russians.

Anyway, we went through a few machines, saw the dim display, noise in the picture, random streaks of noise, blue noise in the picture, humming noise from the machine, color shifting and not able to hold a stable color, faulty TBC, lack of power to run the motors, fade to Black & White. Not able to get the true colors which were fading, aka B&W issue. Maybe a few other problems. So we started working, you had to break it down to the smallest part and learn what causes what. We would repair the blue streaks and than get a new noise effect in the picture. It was cause and effect. You fix this but you would create a new problem in the unit. Than all of a sudden you get a very dark picture, next thing you are getting a very light toned picture. This goes on for months. Finally start nailing it down, next thing all the problems were gone.

The dim display is always a clear sign of faulty and leaked capacitors.
Random noise effects or streaks in the picture clear sign of faulty and leaked capacitors.
Dull fading colors clear sign of faulty and leaked capacitors.
Flicker with colors clear sign of faulty and leaked capacitors.

Once you get through all the issues you get a very clear sharp amazing picture.

Because this was such a nightmare knew people would not spend the time or even electronic technicians spend the time to figure out what makes an AG unit actually work. These were $2,400 VCR's back in the day, now you can get them for a few hundred. They don't fully work. They are not at the full potential of what the machine can do.

I hear it all the time people want the best possible quality with VHS. Here it is, right here in this post.

Have sold a bunch of these JVC 9900 which are great VCR's but they are not the best.

Wanted to offer the best, so had to go out and buy these machines and repair them.

You can buy other machines for less, but willing to bet if you sent us the unit, they would need to be repaired.

Going to lower our price to $875, shipping included for USA only

To order a unit PM our account, everything is done via paypal.

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02-21-2017, 05:12 PM
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Wanted to do a few YouTube uploads to show the AG 1980, it is one thing to write but a visual demo is worth a thousand words.

For these demos used different kinds of tapes, Sports Recording from 1990, Concert TV Recording from 1990, Movie Rental Recording from the Early 90ties, Home Recorded TV Movie from HBO. Covered a few different types of VHS recordings.

For online viewing masked out the VHS over scan.

Panasonic AG 1980, Demo Clip, Sports Recording 1990


Panasonic AG 1980 Demo, Store Purchased Movie Rental


Panasonic AG 1980, Home Recorded Movie


Panasonic AG 1980, Demo Clip, TV Concert, 1990

03-17-2017, 11:50 AM
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Started a new thread on this, it will go up once Lord Smurf posts it.

Also selling a few more JVC 9900's, these all needed work so the price is a little bit more than before, selling them for $525 with free shipping.

Doing a Fire Sale, to give the community the best VCR they will ever own.

FINAL PRICE $675, you pay for shipping
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