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06-16-2017, 04:38 AM
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Last year, I swore I'd never build another ATI AIW system for sale.
But I recently found a system that I'd forgotten about!

I need to spend some time re-working the software, but the hardware is already in place.

- ATI All In Wonder Radeon AGP
- Windows XP based (required by ATI AIW)
- single-core P4 CPU (plenty for capture box; lossless AVI or DVD-spec MPEG-2)
- 2gb+ RAM (plenty for capture box)
- IDE based, multiple drives inside
- will be pre-loaded with everything needed for capturing

This was built around 2010 using some of my best single-core generation hardware. Everything from Antec case to decently quiet PSU and fans. It was built for power, low noise, and capture storage. The case alone is probably worth $50, judging from eBay prices!

Price: $550

After payment, I'll start the software rebuild, and it'll take a few weeks. I want to test it thoroughly, add in my custom settings for capture, etc.

Note: Due to last year's stupidity by UPS -- not reading "DO NOT DROP" on the box -- I want to ship it without the heatsink attached. Otherwise, it may break both the CPU and heatsink. I should have extra heat paste to give you for reattachment. Once you get it, reattaching should be easy. If you need help or instructions, ask.

PM if interested.

This will be my last ATI AIW system build.

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