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06-07-2018, 03:02 PM
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Apparently these are very hard to come across. It hasn't seen very much use in a while, still works great. Includes the original box, cables etc. I purchased this TBC from lordsmurf a couple years ago, who describes it better than I ever could:

Note: two TBC-100s exist
- true TBC-100, for use in a computer
- altered TBC-100, used in TBC-1000; the modifications prevent use in computers

TBC-1000 is excellent, but can, at times, have various interference or softness issues. It varies from person to person, location to location (due to your power grid). Even re-routing TBC-1000 to use only the TBC-100 card inside of it, divorcing it from the VP-299, is not as effective. Why? The power. A computer's internal power tends to be very clean, whereas external power tends to have noise on the line. Computer PSUs do a good job of eliminating noise. Even UPS with AVR doesn't really clean as well as a computer PSU.

AVT-8710s (green, not black) are also excellent, but if you want the best capture possible, you want a TBC-100.

The TBC-100 is a PCI card, used with computer capture in professional setups. The video workflow usually exits a high-end VCR, enters the TBC-100, and immediately exits into a Matrox/Aja/ATI/etc capture card in an adjacent slot.

DataVideo discontinued them years ago, and owners tend to never sell them due to quality.
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