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12-16-2022, 12:27 AM
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I have pulled some PIONEER BDW-PR1EPDV disc drives from an Epson PP-100 disc duplicator seems like they would be PIONEER BDW-PR1 drives. Would these be much better than LG 14NS40 drives? For media handling and overall burn quality?
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12-16-2022, 03:03 AM
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Unlike many years ago, even decades now, optical drives tend to vary very little now.

There's always the possibility that the drive will make a difference, but it's usually due to drive age, or a dirty drive (and not something you can clean, it only gets worse if you do try, never better).

Sometimes it's simply firmware related now, but even that's rare.

By the time BD-R came out, this was already the status quo, all drives were pretty equal. There were also less manufactures.

FYI, CDFreaks/Myce used to track drives and rebadges better, but that "new" (non-founder) site owner is/was an idiot, and dumped the entire forum about 6 months ago (or let the hosting expire), gone as of spring/summer '22. MyCE is now an outdated blog, nobody is home, defunct site. That said, "back in the day", CDFreaks was the source of too many blank disc myths (2004's "RitekG03/4 is best!" nonsense), and trollish immature low-knowledge members (like "the Dolphin" and variations of that name), so I'm not too sad to see that aspect disappear. Myths on the internet need to go away, then and now. It would have been nice to cull the BS and archive some of that data on this site, but so it goes. It's all gone now.

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