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06-19-2009, 11:17 AM
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I would just like to inform you I have had a bad experience with Verbatim DVD+R DL MKM 003 8x speed from India. I purchased 3 packs of 10, the first pack I opened I had 70% burn failure using Nero 7, 9 and also trying CopyToDVD software. I have a DH20A3P burner with XY13 firmware so this was not the problem and I have other media from Maxell and TDK (DVD-R and DVD+R DL) which all burnt fine. Needless to say I am reluctant to open the remaining 2 packs, and I am in communication with the supplier to return them, however given the cost of the media and the agro involved and cost to me to send them back! I think I will steer well clear of Verbatim 8x MKM 003 and stick with the proven 2.4x MKM 001 media.
I would want to know your definition of "burn failure" before proceeding further. Did it fail to play on a player, or did it fail some specific media test?

It might be a simple case of layer break issues --
  1. Know that Nero has a long-standing and well-documented problem properly creating DVD-Video discs, especially the more finicky dual-layer DVD-Video format.
  2. Does this exact LiteOn drive with this exact firmware auto-set the booktype to DVD-ROM, or is it something that must be manually performed before the burn (and if so, did you do it?)
CopyToDVD wouldn't be a first choice either, for foolproof DVD+R DL burning. I'd suggest using the freeware ImgBurn, which is well-known for its flawless and to-spec DVD-Video burning: http://imgburn.com/

LiteOn drives are not the top-quality burners they once were, not necessarily. While not as bad as LG or some others, LiteOn has its share of quirks sometimes -- refusing to work with known-quality media. I don't hear a lot on this, but enough to take notice.

Sticking to the older 2.4x media is probably much safer, but at some point in time, that may no longer be an option, as older media becomes phased out.

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