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06-22-2010, 05:03 AM
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Hi, I use your site to check blank media IDs. I know you give rough guide prices to blank media. I just got, from www.svp.co.uk, a Verbatim DVD -R 50 spindle which were (DVD Info) MMC 03RG20 which were 9.94 + VAT + p+p.

For 4p LESS, I also got the same discs in full-size jewel cases, packaged in 5s and LightScribe 1.2 also.

I often look for DVDs packed in CD cases (which are about 13p each for me to buy seperately) and use the CD cases for - you guessed it - CDs, and put the DVDs in empty DVD cases.

So I got the CD cases for "free", and the lightscribe as a bonus. So pretty pleased with that. I bought the last of the -Rs but they did have +Rs left... Not sure if that was a one-off supply - or lightscribe prices have come down? You don't list lightscribe info. No reply required - just passing on information.
Note: Topic continued from PM. Please leave all media-related information in the forum. Thanks!

For UK readers, this is a deal worth looking into, if it's still on. Or if not, keep watch for something similar. When there's one sale, there's usually another one!

For non-UK readers confused what "p" is, it's money. And 4p is about a nickel or dime. So he's saving quite a bit per disc. That's some decent savings across 50 or 100 discs (or more).

It's funny how you can sometimes find what's supposed to be premium media (inkjet, LightScribe, etc) for less than the cost of "plain" or branded discs.

Jewel cases are a great safe way to store discs.

... and don't forget to look at Amazon.co.uk -- there's some great bargains on DVDs there, too! Lots of Verbatims and Sony discs to choose from at Amazon.

Thanks for sharing!

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