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07-13-2010, 03:19 PM
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Just found your website. What a shock! Verbatim were not on sale locally, so I bought Sony. It's annoying as hell to not know what you are getting until it is bought, opened up, and inspected via software. The Sony's I bought are really RITEK-F16-01. If I had been more observent, I would have seen a few words in Spanish on the packaging. Oh, well, at least they were cheap at BestBuy $13/50 DVD +R.

From now on I order online through one of your recommended sellers. Thanks.
Glad you found the site.

Indeed, it is annoying. But unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it. If manufacturers/brands had their way, we'd never have known about the backside of the media business, and how a "Sony" isn't really a Sony.

Thanks for the update on branded Sony discs being RITEK media. That's a new one to me. It was a matter of time before another manufacturer took over, seeing how Daxon shuttered itself at the beginning of 2010. (Daxon being the former manufacturer of Sony DVD-R and Sony DVD+R discs.)

RITEKF discs are not bad, for duplicates. I would not suggest those for archival masters or important backups, however. Just good for burning something you can replace, if needed.

Take care. Thanks for writing.

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