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02-24-2020, 11:02 PM
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I have some VHS tapes that were commercially made in the 80's, music videos. If I play the tapes directly from the VCR into my home theater receiver, the dobly suround / pro logic lights up for Left, Center, Right and surround channels.

If I capture the video / audio (AIW 9600 / SB Live audio) then if the captured file is played back on my HTPC it only is detected as stereo. My HTPC is a input on the same reciever and lights up to 9.1 audio channels depending on the source materiel. Audio is being captured at 48K.

Any thought on how not to loose this pro logic surround channels from hifi stereo vhs during capture?

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02-25-2020, 06:42 AM
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Dolby Surround Pro Logic is a matrix encoded surround sound format. There is no "loss" as its encoded into the stereo audio on the tape. Manually turn on the Pro Logic decoder on the receiver and it should work fine.
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02-25-2020, 10:03 AM
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I don't think your receiver can do the Pro Logic decoding if you input more than 2ch PCM.
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