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I've got some old tapes of minor hockey games I want to digitize, but for some reason, the video level is completely blown out when I try. The lines on the ice are barely visible; it looks like the players are skating on the surface of the sun! When I play the videos on regular tv (hooked up directly), they are okay...maybe a little washed out, but you can make out the lines, logos, goalie crease and such. But when digitizing, it's as if the video level has been pumped up way too high. If you were looking at it on a waveform monitor, the video level would be crushed up against 100%. It does this with VHS recordings of televised games, vhs tapes shot on a camcorder, and Hi-8 tapes shot on a camcorder. Is there some way to adjust video levels going into the PC or something? I'm just using a regular vcr (or Hi8 camcorder) running through an AV/S video to HDMI converter that runs into my pc, where I've been recording using OBS Studio software.
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