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05-21-2023, 04:48 PM
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I recently tried the Radio Shack VideoBrush on a particular VCR, which I thought had a bad head, and it worked with great success, but I don't think I want to try it on my better machines just yet. I'm sure it's something I'd want to use only sometimes, but is it especially abrasive, more than common head cleaners?

I bought an Allsop3 set and replacement cartridges not long ago, but haven't tried them yet. I haven't found much of anything searching the site, but what's the general consensus on that?

Thanks, y'all!
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05-21-2023, 07:13 PM
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"Cleaning" tapes don't actually clean. Those are often too abrasive, can snag heads (damage VCRs!), and mostly just push dirt around. Bad for VCRs. Those were sold to timid consumers, afraid to open "complicated" VCRs, cassette deck, etc. It was mostly a placebo with limited effectiveness.

People are very revisionist when it comes to Radio Shack, false rosy memories. That store sold lots of crap, all of it rebadged goods from Asia. Japan, China, Taiwan, etc. (In those days, 80s, Taiwan was junk like modern China. Taiwan is now more like Japan for many goods.)

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