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My name is Rodeeze, I joined the site I about a couple weeks ago. I have been reading and had some questions. I did send a private message to Lord Smurf and I did read that he and other staff members make take some time before they get to everyone. I thought that 2 weeks and no response was unusual. I just hoped that nothing is wrong with the functions of the site and everyone is just busy. Thanks for your time.

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Hi rodeeze, welcome to the site.

We get quite a bit of traffic here, including quite a few daily posts that require the attention of Site Staff. For that reason, there's a decent queue on the site backend, to keep track of both unanswered questions and "need to add more answers" type questions (full answer not immediately available, but response was given).

In order to help the most people possible, and to avoid time spent repeating the same answers, a policy was put into place in 2009 or 2010 to no longer respond to tech questions in PMs/emails, and to cut-and-paste any that are sent that way (to be answered on the forum). PMs are intended for personal/private communication, and emails for business related (services/ads/reviews) discussions.

Complicating this policy are iPads, which are painful to deal with, when it comes to something as easy as copy/paste. For example, I answer quite a bit of questions on an iPad these days, sitting in a comfy chair instead of hunched over a desk in a hot room buzzing with gear. So anything that needs cut/paste gets put off until later. Because PMs don't have a queue like posts, they're easily forgotten.

Hence your situation. Sorry about that.

In reply to your question...

I stumbled apon this site when trying to figure out the best ways of bringing over my VHS to digital format. There are so many ways, right and wrong that I am totally confused in the way I need to approach the situation. As a normal consumer, I would have probably paid someone to transfer these vhs tapes but I would rather do it my self. With this being said, I save money but I can also donate or better yet become a premium member. I just didn't want to "pay" for something that i didn't "feel" was right, in other words, if I felt you guys were a fraud then I shine. I have read your tutorials and all that you have helped and I want to thank you for that. You want to pass on the knowledge and that's great.

I would like to be honest with you. I want to be a premium member just to reciprocate my thanks as I see and feel that you and the team are genuine. I don't want to take up everyones time but I have been comfortable reading your post and feel that I can get some much needed answers from my questions that derived from your answers. My main objective is to get these VHS to digital media not "perfect" as you said but to the best quality as I can. I have about 40 VHS tapes and I remember reading a part of the post that said that a professional setup would run me about 1k or more etc. I am not sure if that would fit my situation with only 40 tapes but again, that is why I am here.

I'm hoping you and the team can guide me to achieving my goal. Hoping I can post samples etc...the whole 9, I would be for ever grateful.

Please let me know what you think.
We're in the "unconfusing confusion" business, I think. That's probably one way to describe it.

I think you've come to the perfect place to ask your questions, so ask away. Just put them in the appropriate video forums (or as close as you can guess), and you'll get the answers you want. It's really quite easy. Almost too easy. It's really the next best thing to having somebody in your home or office, guiding you on-site.

I also appreciate your high praise, and and quite honored by it.

If you want my input directly, ask for me in the body of your post, and I'll see it. I'll do my best to share what I know.

For the level of advice you're wanting, I think a Premium Member membership would be ideal, yes.


- Did my advice help you? Then become a Premium Member and support this site.
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Thank you so much for responding back. I know that you are all so busy. I am very very happy that you can all help me and I will first become a premium member. As soon as that task is accomplished, I will being posting in the appropriate sections of the forum and get this project on a roll. I am so happy and relieved you have no idea. Thank you Lord Smurf and the rest off the staff.
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