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I was wondering if you knew of good places to buy cameras?

I've been looking at the Canon EOS and Nikon D type of cameras. Mostly I'm looking for something digital above 6 Mpixels, works well with shaking hands and perhaps an ambient/reflected flash instead of a uni-directional flash. Used and refurbished cameras are fine with me.

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What Not to Do When Buying Cameras:

There is really only one rule when it comes to buying cameras:
Do not buy cameras online from cheap stores in New York or New Jersey. (Unless it's B&H or Adorama.)

If the price is lower than B&H, Adorama or Amazon.com, then something is wrong with it. Those dealers in NJ/NY are almost entirely con artists, and have various tricks to screw camera buyers. These include:
  1. Selling "gray market" cameras, lenses and accessories. There are no warranties. USA camera companies will often even refuse to repair it, even for pay. The cameras were not imported properly.
  2. Selling cameras that they know are not in English. Would you like a Nikon that only has Japanese on the LCD?
  3. Replacing the original OEM batteries and other accessories with cheap knock-off junk from China. The original OEM parts are then sold a la cart for high prices to more rubes.
  4. Sending you a used camera for new-camera prices.
  5. "Accidentally" leaving something out of the box, promising to send a replacement for the missing item, and never doing so.
  6. Or best yet: Just outright stealing your money.

The Best Camera Stores Are:
Buying online means no tax, and usually free shipping.

If you just really insist on buying local...

... then Arlington Camera in Dallas would be my suggestion. They have a great selection of used gear, too. Competitive Camera is their main competitor in DFW, located off 35E near Oak Lawn, though I never really liked shopping there. Semi-rude, and not the best pricing vs Arlington, for the local shops. The Wolf/Ritz Camera location on Harry Hines is (or at least was) the "main" store in DFW, and had a lot of decent used gear.

These days, however, it's hard to beat new and online from Amazon.


You should give this a good read, too: Nikon vs Canon Cameras, Why Nikon SLRs are Best
I wrote that late last year.

In terms of helping you select a camera, what is your budget? What cameras were you looking at already?

If you have $1,400 to spend, the Nikon D7000 is drool-worthy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00...SIN=B0042X9LCO

It does 20-minute HD video recording, and has a ton of advanced photography features. This is the kind of camera that would last you a good solid decade before you need to put it in the trashcan. It's well-built, feature-rich, and takes stunning quality photos even in low-light without a flash. You can get some decent shots with only minimal effort (that should appeal to you!*). And then it's the kind of tool that won't hold you back. If I had a spare $1,100, and was still using cameras daily, I'd buy the body-only D7000 as a backup. No question about it.

If $1,400 is too much, give me an alternative number to work with.

* For anybody reading this thread, this is somebody I know offline.

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For me this website is the best: eBay.
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