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I have a CANON EOS 700D and I am now on my way to buy a new lens, can someone recommend one? I wanna buy a wide angle lense! I bought an original canon one in Germany (22-250mm) and it got broken during my travels. It was a good in however which experiences did you make?
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What sort of budget do you have?
What sort of zoom do you need?

When it comes to Canon, I mostly shoot primes (non-zoom lenses). And the Canon L glass lenses (zoom or prime) are excellent quality.

The 700D is an APS-C (non-full frame) sensor size, so the "22" was actually 22*1.5, so more like 33mm. That's not very wide. Anything under 28mm is wide. For the 700D, you'd want a 18mm (18*1.5=27) or less length. I really like the Canon L 17-40 lens. That one is about $700-800 new. I use the comparable Nikkor 24-120 on my D3s full-frame body).

Whatever you do, always buy from reputable stores: Amazon, B&H Photo, Adorama.

Where are you located?

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