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Hi guys, first post hope you can help. Recently got a AG-DS850 off of eBay. I didn’t realise the model was a 110v machine, and being a moron didn’t bother reading the back of my machine before plugging it into my 240v socket (I’m in the UK) obviously it blew the internal fuse immediately. Upon checking the back I realised my error and sure enough the fuse was busted. I swapped it out for another 125v fuse I had but nope still nothing so I presume the power supply is dead. I remember hearing that later Panasonic machines had a failsafe built into the power supply where it’d simply commit suicide if higher voltage was applied after the fuse had blown (I now suspect the previous owner blew the fuse) to prevent damage to anywhere else on the machine. My first question is, is that true? Lol.
Secondly, will I need another 110v power supply specific to this model (which is going to be tricky here in the UK) or can I get a 240v power supply from the uk equivalent model? (Forget what it is off the top of my head but I have it write down)

Absolutely any advice or help is greatly appreciated. I’ve wanted one of this Panasonic svhs decks for ages so would love to get it going.
Thanks a lot for your time.

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panasonic ag-ds850, panasonic vtr

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