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02-16-2016, 03:17 PM
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The threads related to this are so old, I didn't think I should reopen them for this, but I thought you might find it funny...

For some reason I got it in my sleep-deprived head today to price/feature compare new Magnavox HDD/DVD Recorders. ((I have two Magnavox units with filled up HDDs half out of the case because I thought maybe cleaning the lenses and shooting the insides with a vacuum hose set on reverse would be a good enough 'cleaning' to solve some dubbing issues. Rather than put them all the way back together, I decided to buy some compressed air to do a better job first, but I never got around to it. I have never had any hardware-futzing training/experience, so I have no clue what 'clean enough' is supposed look like. For some reason, investing in a new unit seemed easier this morning than buying a can of air. --I did mention the sleep-deprivation, right?))

So from a simple dvd recorder search at Walmart.com, I fell down a rabbit hole looking at various features/models/bugs/fixes. Someone's post about using the unplug/power/stop button trick to reset DVRs got me to thinking about a 'refurb' unit I got ages ago that I never got to work because my sister's boyfriend was going to do the simple fix for me, but he backed out and then they later broke up. (She has since dated, been engaged to, and married the next boyfriend, in no particular hurry, and she has been pg the usual 9 months and had the baby who is now 3. That is some idea of how long I have been ignoring that dvr box, which has been parked in my closet since her ex returned it.)

But hey, I thought, why not dig it out and have another piece of unusable @#$@?!#$ equipment taking up flat space in my tiny apartment so I can see if the power/stop button trick works so I can record a zillion more things I'll never have time to organize, let alone WATCH!

Power/stop button trick did not do the trick. Then I tried restarting it with all the other button combos and plugging/unplugging various amounts of time with no joy.

So before I put it away again, I thought I'd do a model search and see if any new fixes around since I last checked. The unit is a JVC DR-MV1S, and, you guessed it, the issue is the flashing 'LOADING' error that's been present since I got it.

After learning that I could see the pictures of the 'bad' capacitors if I registered here, I signed up and looked at your pictures (http://www.digitalfaq.com/forum/vcr-...g-jvc-dvd.html), which made me want to break the refurb warranty seal, open the case and look at my machine's capacitors.

Which all looked fine. Everything inside and out looked pristine, and clean, and fine--to my completely untrained eyes. Ends of capacitors felt fine and flat also--to my untrained fingers. Maybe the plug into the dvd drive could have been pushed in a bit more firmly, but that was it. With the outer case off, I again plugged the dvr in -- to the wall. No way I was dealing with unhooking other machines and hooking this up to my tv just to see it keep flashing 'LOADING'!.

Which is all it did.

While considering whether to screw the case back on before putting it back in the box, I idly smoothed out one of the white paper-strip-like connectors (don't know what they are called). Noticed it had a rather sharp fold mark in it. We're not s'posed to fold our cables, right? So I thought maybe that applies to connectors, too? Smoothed out the fold mark by rubbing it. And, what the heck, smoothed another of them. Just as I was rubbing the third paper-like cable, I heard a click and the machine
and went to a normal warm-up display!!!!!
(I just about fainted!)

But now I have to put it back together and hook it up to a tv.
Which will require moving the precarious foot-high overlapping stacks of half-full, half-labeled, half-functional Magnavox-recorded dvds which always seem to be piled around any of my functioning tv/dvr set-ups.

I'm half-tempted to take the JVC over to my anti-tech Mom's house and try it out there, since she's away working the primary run-off polls today!

I'm thinking that might be a good way to keep any dvds it manages to burn separate from the Magnavox ones. Of course, she'd never approve having a 'new' piece of tech, but she never even noticed when I swapped her dvd player for a blue-ray. If I swap her VCR for this unit, and she actually notices, I could just tell her it's for recording 'the Roadshow' and 'Downton Abbey' for her! Or maybe I could sell her on the idea of being able to 'pause' those shows when the landline rings--she is not down with call screening and always has to answer!

Should I let you know of further developments? (Much more briefly, I promise!)
--Thanks for your time!,

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02-17-2016, 03:18 PM
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