04-26-2022, 07:13 AM
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i just bought a JVC HR-S9850EU and i have a problem with the menu.
some times it does not go to menu screen when i press the button, only a blue screen. and sometimes the menu screen will appear correctly, but it seems to be frozen where i cannot click ok or navigate up and down.
is there a way to fix this?

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04-26-2022, 09:15 AM
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Capture cards don't get along with menu and VCR blue screen, If you want to use the menu you need an external monitor.

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04-26-2022, 10:58 AM
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Yep. The JVC menus are often rather 'sketchy' in terms of strict compliance with video standards, this isn't unusual.

They often use a very (very) crude sync' structure (often just a -140IRE period followed by a burst) which is 'good enough' to be reproduced wholly by a television set but not intelligible to capture hardware or low-quality TBCs that time-sync the line but do not replace the faulty horizontal sync information.

It's just a symptom of this crude way of showing the menus, televisions are more immune to this as the local oscillators will lock to this 'crude' horizontal period, and some digital equipment is looking for something a bit more intelligible.

At least that's what I understand it to be, I think some computer game units used a similar trick and cause similar confusion to some equipment.
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04-26-2022, 03:29 PM
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Is this when directly connected to a TV, or only when in a capture/digitizing chain?

If it happens when connected directly to a TV it might be you have a problematic remote. Possibly weak batteries in the remote.
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04-28-2022, 03:05 AM
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yes you are correct
it goes directly to capture card
and i noticed if i navigate with the controller and reconnect the svideo cable it will update to where i have navigated to in the menu.
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